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  • Is there a dress code?
    We allow most things but we don’t allow football or sports tops, work wear, tracksuits or steel toe capped boots. Flip flops, socks with sandals, and wearing band T-shirts when you don’t know their entire back catalogue are also not allowed… You will be tested 😁
  • Is there any reason I wouldn’t get in?
    As long as you’re reasonably well behaved and not drunk you should be ok, but we do reserve the right to refuse admission without a reason
  • What music do you play?
    We play different music each night over our three floors so there is usually something to suit everybody. Check out current music policy on our instagram highlights.
  • How to I apply for a job at Mosh Leicester?
    Check our vacancies page HERE
  • What’s the minimum age to enter Mosh?
    You must be 18 or over to enter
  • How do I make a complaint?
    Shoot us a message over Facebook or call us and we`ll see what we can do to help out. Be aware the phones aren’t manned during club opening hours, not that we’d be able to hear them over the banging tunes anyway!
  • What time is last entry?
    Usually an hour before we close, space permitting. We always advise getting down early to avoid disappointment.
  • What ID do you accept?
    We accept in date driving licences, passports, and Pass UK approved ID. You`ll need ID to get in so don’t forget it. We can’t take pictures on phones, birth certificates, photocopies as proof of age, or a phone call from a parent or guardian unfortunately.
  • I’ve left/lost my coat or something else in the venue, what do I do?
    Fill in our lost property form HERE to retrieve your item.
  • Do you use strobe lighting?
    Yes we do, on all floors. Please take this into consideration if you’re sensitive to flashing lights.
  • What do I do if I feel unwell?
    Come to reception at the front of the club and we`ll help you out. If you’re unable to make it to us there, let a member of staff know and we`ll come to you.
  • Do you have disabled access?
    We have level access to the ground floor, along with a disabled toilet on this floor. There is a step down to the dance floor so please bear this in mind. Make yourself known at the front of the club and the door staff will assist you.
  • Can I buy tickets in advance?
    Yes! Tickets to all our regular nights and special events are on sale on Fatsoma HERE
  • Do you have VIP booths?
    In short, no. Everyone at Mosh is a VIP!
  • Where is the nearest car park?
    Just over the road, the NCP carpark is next to the Holiday Inn on St Nicholas Circle, LE1 4LF.
  • How do I hire the venue?
    In general we don’t hire the venue out as we operate most nights. Send us a message on Facebook or give us a call for more details.
  • What nights do you open?
    Mosh is open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday. For opening times and prices, see our instagram highlights.
  • The photographer took a picture of me, where will it go up?
    You`ll find it on Facebook usually within a couple of days, check HERE
  • I don’t like my photo, how do I get it taken down?
    Send us a link to it on Facebook and we`ll sort that for you. Please make sure that you send the link and not a screenshot in order for us to delete it for you.


3 floors, 3 nights at MOSH

Mosh hosts three great nights of amazing alternative and commercial music each week. We offer all genres of music, across three floors where people can enjoy a safe, fun atmosphere. MOSH NIGHTS ARE THE BEST NIGHTS


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